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Organic Instagram Growth - on Autopilot

A fully automated, scalable platform for Instagram Growth. Organically promote any Instagram account, in any niche.

Here’s what lies at the heart of Instagram Automation

Organic Growth, Engagement and Virality is the end goal of every social media marketing campaign. Our approach to this problem is straightforward, effective, and incredibly scalable. We designed, developed and built the next generation of Social Media Marketing software.

Organic Growth

Organic means Real. Our software is designed to help you create new connections and attract a genuinely interested audience to your account. Real people that will love your content, engage with your account, and convert into loyal customers.

Custom Targeting

Only target users that fit your niche. Our system allows you to select Influencers, Competitors and Hashtags in order to build your ideal customer profile and ensure you’re only targeting relevant accounts.

Interactions + DMs

Real growth is based on real engagement. Our system effortlessly builds that connection by automating your Follows, Unfollows, Likes, DMs and more. This organically connects you with your target audience and gets them hooked on your content.

Analytics Dashboard

Get detailed analytics about your performance. Number of interactions, followbacks, activity breakdown by Target, and much more. A good growth strategy requires good data, and we made sure you’ve got all the data you need.


Lifetime clients

1.47 Billion

Interactions done

113 Million

Followers gained

A Growth Solution for any business model

Social Growth is at the core of dozens of Brands, Marketing Agencies, Influencers and Businesses across the globe. Instagram Marketing is becoming more important by the day, that’s why we created a powerful, efficient and scalable Growth Solution for every business model.

B2C - SaaS Growth Dashboard

A fully Cloud-Based and Mobile-Friendly Dashboard that allows users to effortlessly grow their Instagram account, without lifting a finger. Coupled with our detailed analytics and flexible targeting, it’s perfect for businesses, influencers and everyone in between.

  • Cloud-Based SaaS model
  • Works on any device
  • Flexible Targeting
  • Analytics Dashboard

B2B - Whitelabel

Are you an expert at selling SaaS? Have a huge market that’s just there for the taking? We might be a match made in heaven. The SocialGrowth SaaS can be fully white-labeled and customized to fit your niche market. Everything coupled with training and ongoing support from our Dev and Customer Success teams.

  • Fully whitelabeled dashboard
  • Flexible pricing with no hidden fees
  • Customer checkout via any major Payment Gateway
  • Multiple language support
  • Training & support materials included

B2B - Marketing Agency

Want to add Instagram Growth to your marketing portfolio? You’ve come to the right place. The SocialGrowth Agency program is designed to help you effortlessly promote hundreds of your client’s Instagram profiles, all from one flexible dashboard. Not to mention it comes with a 30 day trial.

  • No setup required
  • Flexible pricing and 30 day free trial
  • Effortlessly manage hundreds of accounts
  • Whitelabeled & secure client logins

Ready to join the team?

If everything you’ve read so far sounds fun, we just might be a match. The project is always growing, so let’s grow together!

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